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Decoupage Garden Pot – Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother's Day Craft - Decoupage Garden PotThis cute garden pot is perfect for the mom, grandma or aunt who loves flowers and to garden. It can be personalized by using seed packets that display mom’s favorite plants. Because of the skill needed to work with decoupage glue and varnish this is a project best done by an adult or older child.

What you will need:

1. Large clay pot
2. White glue
3. Plastic cup that can be thrown away
4. Water
5. Empty seed packets
6. Small five petal silk flowers
7. Adhesive such as glue dots
8. Exterior varnish
9. Paint brush


1. Begin by cutting the front part of the seed packets from the back so that it can be more easily adhered to the clay pot.

2. Mix equal parts white glue and water in the plastic cup.

3. Use the glue mixture to adhere the seed packets to the clay pot.

4. Allow the glue to dry.

5. With the glue dots adhere the small flowers around the top of the clay pot.

6. Use the exterior varnish and paint brush to cover the area that has the seed packets on it. This way, the glue and ink in the paper will not be washed off by water or other outdoor elements.

7. Allow the varnish to dry.

If desired you can also put a plant in the pot before giving it as a gift.

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