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Make your own Mother’s Day Corsages

Here are ideas to help you make a special corsage for your Mom for Mother’s Day:

Rose Corsage

Make Mom a corsage with the eternal pleaser – Roses. Instead of the traditional way of making a corsage with one single colored rose and enhancing it with greenery, baby’s breath and ribbons, you can use different modern varieties of roses such as bi-colored or spray roses. Keep other greenery to a minimum so that the beauty of the roses stands out.

Carnations Corsage

Use White Carnations to make a pretty corsage for Mom. Enhance it with fresh greens from the garden.

Gardenia Corsage

Gardenias are loved by pretty much all Women and Gardenia corsages have been in tradition for a long time.

Modern-style Corsages

For a twist on the traditional use flowers in blues and greens (like blue delphiniums or light green orchids) and make a style statement with a different, one-of-a-kind corsage.

A Corsage in Pastel Shades

Moms also love the cool pastel colors of wedding flowers. Make Mom a corsage using roses in soft colors. Add ribbons in similar soft colors to keep the look toned down.

‘Accessorize’ your Corsage

Add a piece of Jewelry, a vintage button, a fancy pin or brooch or other tiny collectible that your Mom will love to add to her collection. Place a tiny ring or a button inside a full bloom or nested amongst the greens.

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